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Retention is just as important as attraction



Have you ever been blindsided by someone leaving your team? Or seen firsthand the costs of making a bad hire? Retention issues happen, but there are ways to minimize both the frequency and the impact.

One small but powerful way is to nurture your team through reading books about leadership and success. You can do it together as a team, or with a coach, or alone. There’s more than one way to read a business book, and each has its own benefits.

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Alignment Check
Often, retention issues are the result of a lack of alignment among  employees, management, or the organization as a whole. Here’s a handy tool that offers 7 ways to build alignment into employee relationshipsto help you stay in touch with their needs and notice when situations change.
Leaders are Readers

Here at Rialto, we love great business books and use the concepts in them daily. Here’s a list of the must-read books that have been most influential to us and to our coaching clients this year. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it’s a solid place to start! 

We Know Talent

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