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Is Business Chasing You? It Should Be. 




So there you are, going about your daily routine, completely unaware that your phone is about to light up with opportunity. You didn't have to hunt for this business; this one is chasing YOU. You're already pre-vetted! You're already draped with residual trust from the process! You didn't even have to whiten your teeth or put your face on a billboard! All you have to do is answer the phone and say yes. What is this business sorcery, you ask? It's none other than the almighty referral at work. Check out all things referral in the Rialto blog.

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Happy Grasshopper’s Dan Stewart

Learn to speak the language of referrals and more with Dan Stewart. Discover the most common mistakes people make when attempting what Stewart calls “the ask with very little give,” and find out the three big blockers that can seize and cripple your referral machine. Check out our interview snippet below, then click here to view the entire 13-minute interview. Check out Happy Grasshopper here.

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The Rialto Referral Review Chart


You have referral opportunities, even if you don't know them yet! The first step in building your referral network is to get organized. You’ll be meeting a lot of new people, and keeping the details of each contact and business accurate and current is a must. Use our Free sample chart to help you get started. 

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What's New at Rialto
The Real Estate Learning Group (TRELG) and Rialto are referral partners! We are thrilled to announce our referral relationship with TRELG and to offer our services to our real estate cousins in Maine. In gratitude for this new relationship, we are offering all TRELG members and Rialto Way readers a FREE webinar on industry-disrupting pricing strategies. Click here to register for the August 8 webinar with Alan Rice.
Grow Your Sphere: Start referral activities now to grow your lead generation year over year. With this Rialto Agent University course, you'll learn precise strategies focused on categorizing, reaching, and nurturing your referral program. 
Special FREE PASS for Rialto Way readers: Simply use the coupon code TEAMVIP when you check out, and you’ll get the course for free.
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