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Are you a talent scout for your business? Or do you have limiting beliefs preventing you from one of the most dependable ways to double your business while freeing up more of your time?

Most successful entrepreneurial teams look back fondly to the time they made their first hire. In this issue, you’ll learn how to do it and what it can mean for your business. You’ll also learn what NOT to do, as in the latest blog about the four most painful costs of making a “bad” hire.

Your Talent Pipeline

So, you’re ready to start the search for an assistant or other role that would help grow your business. Where do you begin? What’s the best process for finding the right person among a pool of qualified applicants? Download this free guide to understanding your talent pipeline. And if you want to dive deeper, check out the online course, Make Your First Hire.

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Coach's Corner

It may seem counterintuitive to solopreneurs that hiring a talented person can double their business and bring a speedy return on their investment. Real estate guru and coach Alan Rice and Master Coach and author of Plays Well With Others Les McGehee share how they’ve seen businesses double with one hire—and how you can do it, too.

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Is Your Problem a Missing Person?

Rialto Academy offers a free Talent Needs Assessment to ambitious professionals like you, live with a Talent Master Coach. Click here to schedule yours.  

Make Your First Hire

Thinking about getting a little help to take your real estate biz to the next level? Hiring an assistant can set you up for ongoing success—or be a source of constant frustration. In this new online course, you’ll learn how to time the hire, ask the right questions, and find the person who best complements you.

Special FREE PASS for Rialto Way readers: Simply use the coupon code TEAMVIP when you check out, and you’ll get the course for free.

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