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4 Reasons Why In-Person Workplace Instruction Is Here to Stay

Posted by Brenda Harralson, Director of eLearning, Rialto Academy on Aug 30, 2018 7:49:00 AM

There’s been a lot of debate recently in employee learning and development circles about the relevance of the the live instructor in the digital age. This discussion all seems to revolve around a central question: Is in-person training becoming extinct, to be replaced by all-digital learning solutions?

As learning and development (L&D) professionals work to stay relevant and competitive, it can be easy to abandon in-person training for more "efficient" online options. Even as leaders of organizations who are becoming increasingly technology-dependent find legitimate gains from new technology, they need to recognize that these L&D options create a broader toolkit that still should include live training. Online, self-paced training fills many gaps in the training landscape, but it is not the panacea to heal all training ills.

Here are four reasons why we think live-and-in-person training, facilitation, and talent development are here to stay—but they must evolve.

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Tags: Coaching, Business, talent development, e-learning

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