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Top 3 Burning Questions About How to Fuel Lead Generation

Posted by Mike Horwitz, Core Coach, Rialto Academy on Aug 14, 2018 7:42:00 AM

After more than four decades in business, I have come to realize that one key truth about business has come to supersede all others: lead generation is at the foundation of success. As a business coach, I am absolutely dedicated to ensuring that my clients recognize this imperative and build habits that support lead generation as Job No. 1.

We are, after all, capable of so much more than we realize—and funding the great life that we dream of calls for a steady stream of leads, especially in the real estate industry. The alternative is a recipe for either an unmanageable feast-or-famine roller-coaster, or ultimately, business failure.

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Tags: Coaching, Business, Real Estate, lead generation

The Top 5 Burning Questions Real Estate Agents Ask Their Coach

Posted by Mike Horwitz, Core Coach, Rialto Academy on Apr 24, 2018 7:39:00 AM

There are five common themes to the questions I hear from real estate agents on a regular basis. Whether they are new or experienced, in the business for one, three or 10 years, the questions around how to build a great business are focused on what should get done, how it gets done, who should be on the team, when the work should get done, and finally, why are we doing it?

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